Court proceedings in Poland to become more expensive

On 24th of July, 2019 the President signed the Act on amending the Code of Civil Procedure and certain other acts. The implemented changes are both extensive and quite significant. The new provisions will come into force within 3 months of promulgation. However, a portion of crucial novelties will arrive much sooner. Just after 14 days of said promulgation (on 21th of August), court fees will change, increasing the costs of litigation in this scope by up to 100%. The cost of initiating a civil (as well as commercial) case will remain at 5% of the claim value but will be capped at PLN 200.000 instead of the previous PLN 100.000. This is just one of the changes which will make litigation in Poland a lot more expensive (and it is happening right now).

Therefore, if you are planning litigation in Poland anytime soon, better hurry.

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